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Our Mission, Values & Vision


At Passion of Soul, we are a purpose-driven non-profit social enterprise committed to transforming the lives of the chronically homeless. Through our groundbreaking venture, Foodsouls Cuisine, we utilize culinary expertise not only to provide sustenance but to effect lasting change. We secure vacant or abandoned properties, meticulously renovate, or rebuild them, and turn them into permanent homes.


Concurrently, we offer our residents comprehensive medical, Training, Job, and behavioral assistance, catalyzing their journey towards self-sufficiency. Foodsouls Cuisine, our culinary arm, is more than just a catering service – it's a transformative experience. Infused with diversity and uniqueness, our dishes tantalize taste buds and open the doors to a brighter future.


As we offer various food products and service, we extend employment opportunities to those we assist, embedding an essential element within our comprehensive program. Join us in our mission to revolutionize lives, one meal at a time, while indulging in an exceptional culinary experience and paving the path to a better tomorrow.

Our values

Compassion - We approach every individual with empathy, understanding, and kindness.

Transformation - We believe in the power of transformation, both in individuals' lives and the communities we serve.

Service - We are dedicated to serving the marginalized, providing them with the care and support they need to rebuild their lives.

Integrity - We uphold honesty, ethics, and moral principles, aligning our actions with the teachings of Faith

Community - We value the strength of unity and strive to build a sense of belonging and togetherness among the people we assist. 

Empowerment - Through guidance, education, and assistance, we empower individuals to become self-sufficient and self-reliant.

Gratitude - We encourage a spirit of thankfulness and appreciation, recognizing the blessings we have and sharing them with those in need.

Stewardship - We are mindful stewards of the resources we have, utilizing them wisely and sustainably to maximize their impact on the lives of others.

Hope - We instill hope and inspire optimism in the hearts of the homeless, letting them know that a brighter future is possible.

Inclusivity - We embrace diversity and inclusion, recognizing the worth and dignity of every person.


We envision a world where every individual, regardless of circumstance, experiences the warmth of a permanent home and the nourishment of a hopeful future. Through our innovative approach at Foodsouls Cuisine, we strive to break the cycle of chronic homelessness by merging culinary excellence with compassion, empowering lives and fostering self-sufficiency.

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